The skeleton tracking system (produced in-house) allows surgeons to access and present digital information in an operating theatre.

The hands-free nature of the system provides a sterile, infection-control component to the setting.

An artificial intelligence based skeleton, body joints tracking and body pose estimation algorithm continuously tracks people inside the viewing angle of a depth camera. When a person performs a predefined gesture, which is two consecutive gestures to prevent taking control by mistake, the algorithm starts to track the person as the user. The users hand gestures are then converted to standard mouse commands. Hence the user is able to use the hand just like a mouse so that any mouse friendly software can be used by three simple hand gestures.

Skeleton tracking and body pose estimation algorithms are developed and trained by our team, using the data collected and annotated in our own motion capture lab.


DORA Motion is a touch-free surgical display designed with various features.

  • State-of-art technology, medical grade, high resolution surgical display intended for OP
  • Hand gesture based intuitive control
  • See detailed PACS images during live operation
  • Sterile, infection-free, fan-free, durable and mobile
  • Connectivity with other devices
  • Import data from various media


DORA Motion is controlled remotely without removing sterility and without having any assistance.

DORA Motion is controlled without getting any help from your assistant surgeon a factor that reduces efficiency when describing each time what is needed to be seen on the screen.

You need your display to be easily controlled and user-friendly without moving your whole body like an Air Marshall nor relying on assistance from others during operation.

When you control your display remotely without touching anywhere, your display should only perform your commands, not your assitant standing behind you or not your nurse hand passing you a scalpel, unless you want it.

When you want to measure a small lession, it should also be sensitive and flexible.


The advanced sensor technology identifies the commands and gestures performed by the user and issues the commands to the viewer and the computer, without requiring the user to touch any surface.

The advanced sensor technology allows specific commands to be performed by the assigned user with three simple hand movements without delay and without touching any surface.


With open hand gesture; you can move cursor as you move your mouse without clicking.


Gesture with fist is the same as you left clicked with your computer mouse or touchpad. If you keep the hand gesture and move your hand, it is the same as clicking and moving, or dragging.


Gesture with adjacent two fingers is the same as you right clicked with your computer mouse or touchpad. If you keep the hand gesture and move your hand, it is the same as clicking and moving, or dragging.


What about your other surgical navigation systems e.g. from Medtronic or Spacelab or other windows based devices in the Operating Theather?

DORA Motion has a solution for you! An international patent pending solution called “DORA Motion-Connect”.:

  • Just Plug and Play!
  • With an ordinary USB cable, you can connect DORA Motion-Connect to your surgical navigation system easily and hassle-free.
  • No software installation and no hardware adjustment is required.
  • There is no risk for breach of warranty of your expensive navigation system.

Just Plug DORA Motion and now you can navigate through the images of your navigation system touchless!



  • Makes the medical images available in the operating room dispense with the need for memorizing every detail of the patient’s body structure
  • Render memorizing every detail of the patient’s body structure unnecessary
  • Reduces the time spent for studying the patient’s images before the operation
  • By reducing preoperation studies, let surgeons to devote more time to their private life
  • Reduces the stress level of the surgeon due to readily available images
  • Prevents possible errors in the operation due to lack of information
  • Prevents possible failures of exhaustion and dilatoriness as a result of long-continued operations
  • Provides touchless interaction
  • Allows the surgeon to access images based on touchless interaction and remain sterile while doing it
  • Reduces the duration of each surgery since the surgeon does not need to resterilize after using DORA Motion


  • Presents better planning
  • Provides optimization of operation planning by shortening operation time
  • Better regulations on operating room turnover time
  • Increases the number of operations in a day by decreasing the time of operations
  • Reduced Costs
  • Decreases patient recovery costs as it decreases surgical site infections
  • Decreases the personnel cost of each operation due to shorter operation durations
  • Provides mobility and can be transported to any operation room easily
  • Diminishes the use and expenses of extra medical supplies such as gloves by eliminating resterilization process
  • DORA Motion is the most suitable surgical display for Operating Theaters with high hygiene standards with the help of IP65 certificated sealed case that prevents contamination and can easily be disinfected by liquid disinfectants
  • Happy personnel
  • Reduces the surgeon’s stress level by providing easy access to the patient’s data


  • Reduces the patient’s time under anesthesia
  • Shorter surgery time enhances patient’s comfort positively
  • Diminishes the possible risks related to surgery by decreasing surgeon’s stress
  • Prevents risk of contamination
  • Provides reliable patient care
  • More successful and accurate surgical result, faster recovery time